From Great to Excellent

During an interview today with a Middle School, the Principal shared with me something I was not familiar with. The 6 C’s in education as means for educating the 21st Century Learner. Of course I needed to learn more about what this is, so I did a little research and uncovered this document by Dr. Michael Fullan.

Click to access FullanReport_EN_07.pdf

Dr. Fullan is a worldwide authority on Education who has written numerous books including “Stratosphere”, “Putting Faces on the Data” and “the Morale Imperative of School Leadership”. This document was created to discuss what needs to being done to continue to increase student achievement in literacy, numeracy. Namely two core aspects must continue, 1) Sustaining Improvement and 2) Focused Innovation.

It is in focused innovation that the 6 C’s are presented on a wheel.

1. Character Education
2. Citizenship
3. Communication
4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
5. Collaboration
6. Creativity and Imagination


The goal of the 6 C’s is to better equip students with the values, structures and tools to communicate, collaborate and be creative. To become critical thinkers and have the ability to solve world problems and yet be humane and care about others and their environment by building genuine character and citizenship. If we can instil all these values as educators then student success will increase academically and professionally as the graduate and enter the workforce. As social learners the 6 C’s hits all the right chords to the ideal being now as educators we need create this ideal educational environment. I believe this can be done! It has to be!

Yours in Education, Salima

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