Growth Mindset

According to Carol S. Dweck there are two sets of beliefs that people have about how students learn; 1) first is a fixed mindset, where some of us have the intellectual aptitude and some just do not and that’s that and 2) growth mindset where intelligence can be developed and everyone has the potential to grow intellectually. The mindset we each have can directly influence how we do in school. Research has shown that those with a growth mindset do better in school because they believe that they can achieve.

Mind-Sets and Equitable Education

Jo Boaler has set out the 7 positive norms of mathematics. One of the seven is to have the mindset that “mistakes are valuable”. When we make a mistake our brain starts firing synapses and when we try to fix the problem our brain development grows. If we shut down after a mistake we don’t activate our brain to keep searching for the possible answer, this is how a fixed mindset can hinder your success.

Positive Norms in Math Class

Here is a video on a researcher who studied how the brain is activated when we make mistakes.

what happens to your brain when you make a mistake

Ted Talk Video on Mindsets by Eduardo Briceno the Co-Founder of Mindsets Works

Eduardo Briceno



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