The First Day of School


We started our education with the Peel DSB at a great school called King’s Masting Public School. Sadly King’s Masting will be closing down this June, 2014. When we learned that it was closing we decided to take one of those “then and now” photo’s that has been floating around the internet through social media. You know what we’re talking about? Remember the old man wearing the baby bib he wore when he was an infant? Or the One Direction, Story of My Life Video? Not that we do everything we see on the internet but if it inspires us, we’d give it a try.
This post captures a start, a humble beginning, a first day.
And so we begin our blog.
(We’re nervous, excited, curious, we hope to make friends, we hope to make our parents proud, we hope to make a difference….one day.)
Feels like the first day of school.

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